Our Products

                    USA magnetic bottle opener and two wallet bottle openers

Our products are handmade here in the USA and are built to last. We use the highest quality materials and stand behind our products 100%. 

Our premium magnetic bottle openers sport powerful magnets that allow it to stick directly to metal surfaces and catch up to 40 bottle caps. Each unit comes with additional hardware to mount to other surfaces - perfect for decks, patios, trees, and walls! We offer an extensive selection of digitally printed, high resolution designs for you to choose from - so make sure to check them all out and let us know which design speaks to you!

Our wallet bottle openers are sturdy and sleek. No they are not magnetic, but they are the size of a credit card so they can fit perfectly in your wallet without notice. It's nice having a bottle opener on you at all times!    

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with unique, high quality products that make the perfect gift. It is our favorite thing to hear customers tell us how happy they are with their purchase!


The Cap-Stop Team